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MPM-Flow project -- People

Marco Bolognin

PhD student

Marco Bolognin was born on the 5th of April 1987 in Cesena (Italy). He started to study Civil Engineering at “RomaTre” University of Rome in 2009. In 2013 he obtained his Bachelor degree in “Transport Infrastructures Design” with a thesis on “Railway Tunnels Safety” and in the same year he moved to Bologna to start his studies at the International Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering (DICAM). During his Masters he focused his studies on Structural Engineering courses and at the same time he joined the Erasmus Program at the TU Delft where he studied Geotechnical Engineering for over an year and met his co-relator Dr Klaas Jan Bakker, Assoc. Professor Delft University of Technology, Section of Hydraulic Engineering. He graduated in December 2015 at the chair of “Soil Modelling” under the supervision of Professor Laura Tonni on the subject ‘Validation of MPM for Fluidisation Analysis’ and obtained a M.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering.
In March 2016 he started his Ph.D. at the Hydraulic Engineering section of the Delft University of Technology under the supervision of Prof Bas Jonkman, Dr Klaas Jan Bakker and Dr Alexander Rohe. During the past years he has written and reviewed papers for international conferences. He is currently involved in the research project MPM-Flow concerning the understanding fluidisation and turbulence of flow-slide phenomena using Material Point Method (MPM) for numerical modelling of large deformations in soil–water interaction problems.

Lisa Wobbes

PhD student

Lisa Wobbes was born in Russia in 1989 and moved to the Netherlands in 2005. She obtained her Master's degree in Applied Mathematics at TU Delft in 2014 under the supervision of Kees Vuik, Tom Jonsthovel, Alex Lukyanov and Scott Maclachlan. The topic of her Master's thesis was Reducing Communication in AMG for Reservoir Simulation: Aggressive Coarsening and Non-Galerkin Coarse Grid Operators. In April 2015 Lisa joined the MPM-Flow project.
Currently Lisa is studying numerical aspects of modeling of liquefaction processes caused by seismic loading. Her supervisors are Prof Kees Vuik and Dr Lars Beuth.

Said Alhaddad

PhD student

Said Alhaddad was born on the 20th of February 1991 in Gaza, Palestine. He obtained his bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from The Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) in 2013. After his graduation, he worked as a teaching assistant for several courses in the Department of Civil Engineering at IUG for a year. He also worked as a structural engineer in an engineering-consulting company in Gaza.
The opportunities for research in Palestine are very limited. Therefore, Said’s desire for exposure to a wider environment has prompted him to seek an opportunity to study in Europe. In 2014, he was accepted in Erasmus Mundus MSc Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management (CoMEM) program with a full scholarship. He studied the basics of coastal engineering in the first semester of the program in The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Then, he worked as a research assistance under the supervision of Dr Øivind Arntsen. His research was mainly about the hydraulic characteristics of Hopåvagen Inlet in Norway. After that, he moved to Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) for a year to obtain more in depth knowledge of coastal engineering. Then, he returned back to NTNU to do his master’s thesis titled “The Morphological Impact of the Proposed Gaza Seaport on the Coast of Gaza” and graduated in July 2016.
In August 2016, Said started his PhD research at the Hydraulic Engineering Department of TU Delft under the supervision of Prof Wim Uijttewaal and Dr Robert Jan Labeur. He is also involved in the research project MPM-Flow. He is mainly working on the incorporation of a turbulent flow model into the MPM code.

Joana Silva

PhD student

Joana Silva was born in Portugal on 24th June, 1989. In 2007 she started to study Civil Engineering at the Department of Civil Engineering of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra, Portugal. She has completed her Master’s Degree in February 2015 with specialization in Geotechnics. Her thesis was focused on numerical modelling of plate load tests on small-scale foundation models reinforced with structural skirts.
In February 2016, Joana joined the Department of Earth Sciences of the Faculty of Geosciences of the Utrecht University as a PhD student. The purpose of her study is to expand the knowledge on the mechanics of submarine slope failure and she is supervised by Dr Joris Eggenhuisen. Her research is incorporated in “MPM-Flow Project: understanding flow slides in flood defences”. A set of experiments will be performed to study fluid pressures in pores, deformation rates of soil, flow rates of turbulent suspensions and evolution of slope topography during flow slides.